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PL Mount Prime

Arri Signature Primes Set

Arri have managed to create a lens that is sharp, but also manages to look soft and luscious at the same time. A very neat trick.

The quality of these lenses is literally incredible. They cover full frame, but also produce stunning results on Super-35mm sensors (with an LPL-PL adapter)....

Lomo Anamorphic Lens Set (50, 75, 100, 150mm)

Lomo anamorphic lenses have all the character of a classic anamorphic glass; with beautiful elliptical bokeh and lens flare, creating an instant cinematic look to your shots but at on a much friendlier budget to hire than some of the more modern anamorphic lens options.

With 2x anamorphic...

Cooke S4i T2 Prime Kit (18, 25, 32, 50, 75, 100mm)

The wonderful Cooke S4i T2 prime lens set of 6. Famous for the unique 'Cooke look' that directors and DOPs love, these are a firm favourite of Hollywood because of the gentle softness of the image and the gentle way the focus drops away even at T2. These are a joy to focus and create images that...

Arri Ultra Prime 5 Lens Kit (20, 25, 32, 50, 85mm)

Ultra Prime Lenses have the widest focal range of any prime lens set available. They are designed specifically for motion pictures but are an excellent choice for corporate and commercial work.

Ultra Prime Lenses retain their superb image quality even at close focus across the whole...

Zeiss Superspeed T1.3 Kit (18, 25, 35, 50, 85mm)

The Zeiss Super Speed PL Lens set are the most popular of all the vintage prime sets. They are seriously fast at T1.3 for incredible low light performance but are also light and compact. They are also very sharp above T2.8 but below that they give a soft look that Directors love. One of the main...

Canon K35 Vintage Prime Lens Kit

Canon K35’s Set of 5 fast primes are seriously popular and very cool. They are used for films, commercial and music videos and for any project where a vintage super fast lens is required. They give a softer look than modern lenses with amazing bokeh and flattering skin tones.


Leica Summicron C Prime Lens Kit

Leica Summicron C 6 prime set is a joy to film with, and give that special 'Leica' look that Directors love.

All lenses will cover RED Dragon Sensor in 6K Mode

18mm T2
25mm T2
35mm T2
50mm T2
75mm T2
100mm T2

Samyang XEEN 5 Cinema Lens Kit

Designed and produced in Germany these lenses ideal for shooting in low-light conditions, and provides beautiful bokeh. Kit includes...

24mm - T1.5
35mm - T1.5
50mm - T1.5
85mm - T1.5
14mm - T3.0