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EGripment Matador Dolly

Matador DollyMatador Dolly
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This lightweight dolly on which a seat swivel support or JanJib can be mounted, comes with trackwheels and pneumatic wheels. The Matador can be widened with sideboards which are supplied standard with the Matador Dolly. Its extendable back-axles will guarantee a very high degree of stability. This dolly is steerable from either end.

Complete with center boss and 2 x risers plus 2 seats, with pneumatic and track wheels. 100mm and 150mm offset bowl supplied.

Matador kit

4 x Track wheels
4 x Pneumatic wheels
2 x Seats
2 x Stage fixed bazooka
1 x 100mm offset bowl, suitable for Sachtler Video 18/20 and O'Conner 1030 heads (not supplied)
1 x 150mm offset bowl suitable for O'Conner 2060 and 2575 in bowl config. (not supplied)

Straight rigged and scissor track available at additional cost

Curved rigged track available at additional cost

*** Please note tripod head not supplied ***

Wheel type : Road surface / Track surface
Max Load : 250 kg
Weight : 37 kg
Dimention (WxL) : About 65 x 18 x 135 cm

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