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Broadcast Camera Tripod

Day rate:

Various available from £18 to £30. Our range is mostly Sachtler and Miller.

100mm bowl Fluid Head with 2 Stage Carbon Fibre Legs will hold 20kg. Popular for a wide range of cameras, if you're unsure which tripod you need, just ask and we're happy to advise.

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Libec JB-30U Jib Arm Kit

Libec JB-30U Jib Arm Kit

The Libec JB-30U job arm system is robustly engineered and takes only minutes to set up - Making it ideal for domestic location use and studio alike. It has a 1.7m vertical jib range and can support up to 20kg. Supplied with weights, under-mount kit, heavy duty legs and heavy duty dolly. Please note in order to make this work will need to hire a tripod head suitable for your camera weight.
Libec Lightweight Dolly and Track

Libec Lightweight Dolly and Track

Libec TR-30 Dolly and Track is perfect for tracking shots. Easily and quickly assembled into a 3m straight, it is also extremely light and mobile making it perfect for location work and studio alike.