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Crewing - Location Broadcast and Event Filming

Media Dog regularly work with a wide range of companies and freelancers, from highly experienced broadcast cameramen and directors to runners and camera assistants, sound men, editors and graphic designers.

We also provide crew for event filming, whether it's a simple single camera to capture your CEO's keypoint speech, or a multi-camera music or comedy gig shoot, we have an address book with all the contacts you need

Crew can be supplied with as little or as much kit as required, and will have in-depth knowledge of all Media Dog equipment.

All crewing jobs are bespoke and we tailor the kit and crew to suit your purpose, some of the most popular combinations are:

Director of Photography - with Arri Alexa or RED Dragon with Cinema Lenses.
Broadcast Cameraman - with Super 35mm Camera (Sony PXW-FS7 or FX9), with Zoom or Prime Lenses.
Basic Operator - with small camera (Sony PMW200 or Canon C300) with lens, basic sound and tripod.
Sound Man with full sound kit and field mixers/recorders.
Data Wrangler with Card Readers and Laptop.
Runner with own transport.

Music / Comedy Event Filming

Basic Camera Operator - with small broadcast quality camera with tripod; 'no thrills', will hold a steady shot and keep in focus and exposed.
Experienced broadcast camera operator - with larger broadcast tripod and lens to suit requirements; experienced to obtain the better shots and can either be directed or self-direct. Can operate long lenses to zoom right in from the back of the room, or can roam to get a selection of shots of the band or crowd.
Mini Jib and/or Track and Dolly Broadcast Camera Operator - with broadcast camera and operator; for those silky shots adding some interesting movements. Operator skilled to get the right shot and be trusted to be smooth for live playback.
Directors, Sound technicians, DITs and Runners all available on request.

Not sure what you need? Talk to us about your shoot; tell us your venue and what you are after, and we're happy to advise. We may even be able to arrange a Recce for one of our guys to view your location and talk through what kit you need.